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I have to show up.
I will power through.
A day is wasted if I didn’t make something out of it.
I must get the work done.
I’m going to struggle through it.

I know you’ve heard those voices inside your head. I have heard them too. The idea of powering through to get the job done is a narrative about overcoming challenges. I believe it is really inspiring and sometimes useful, although not sustainable.

We’ve been there, committing to something and channeling all the energy we have left to finish a project. Some people call it giving the 110%…

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At times we lost track of why we do things. Yes, we are following our plan. We are on duty and committed to our cause. But one day, this discourse will not be enough. Ticking a box from a to-do list won’t give the spark that we look for, and we will need something else to lean on.

One of the patterns I’ve noticed in myself is that I neglect feelings when planning my agenda. I look for efficiency. I plan a sequence of steps towards my goals (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, you name it) is productive, but it doesn’t…

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Creatives that work with intent spend lot’s of time discovering the crowd they serve. They do it by engaging in conversations with their audience, learning about their journey, desires, and struggles. No doubt knowing more about who you serve gives you better ideas to come up with. But what happens if you have no audience to engage with? No audience, no pool of customers or followers?

The beginning of the journey is challenging. Most of the advice out there is for people who have an established audience they can reach. Going out there and shout as they do can feel…

I was on Clubhouse a chat about sharing our story. The debate went around whether being open with our story helps to build trust. I believe it does. Sharing some of the events that happened before we get to meet connects on a whole other level.

Maybe meeting for the first time is not the right time to share something profound. But what if that got normaöized. Suppose we opened up the conversation with a weird fact from our childhood or telling something embarrassing.

This is part of my story.

  • I grew up in Mexico City, a noisy, beautifully dense…

Kid with determination look
Kid with determination look
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…is what we practice during though days.

Not every day you wake up, you’ll feel one hundred percent.
There’s no way to be always in the mood.
Some days just suck!

Highs come with lows, and during the low times is when perseverance comes to play. If you care enough, you will do what’s necessary to keep it up. To continue moving forward and challenge yourself.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay taking a break, a day off even. We have to listen to our bodies when things aren’t going well and rest. But if the day comes when you…

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Struggling to put thoughts into words is a common challenge. As a matter of fact, I’m grappling with writing right now. So, I remembered a little hack for this.

Miguel’s face chart

…and use it with intent in your creating process.

Following the snowball of inspiration that Chris Do got from Hasan Minaj, Here is my face chart.

As creators, we tend to lose ourselves in our projects more often than we would like. At times goes well, and it feels just right, with no second thoughts or red flags. Other times, we question if what we are making is converting ourselves into something we aren’t sure we like.

Having a clear understanding of our identity can be a guiding light during self-doubt in the creation process. It’s fair to think that…

But distractions can go as well.

Our lives are set up to get distracted. Every day a battle to get our attention is happening in our pocket, and not in the right way. Avoiding distractions could be the most demanded skill for professionals in the future. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I want to stress the point that it ain’t easy.

I’m obsessed with tactics to remain concentrated. I’ve tried timing my tasks, setting up fake deadlines, deactivating all notifications on my gadgets (yes, I’ve missed out a lot). But what I’ve earned so far is control over my life.


Comic of Miguel switching tasks

We face an inevitable reality for creatives to move up the career ladder or start new ventures. We got to learn how the business operates. That understanding gives us a seat at the table to finally have a say on significant decisions.

Creative minds struggle to talk about market positioning, strategy, and finance plans. It can get boring, and even worst, we can feel our creative muscles getting weaker. We look forward to going back to our designer desk and build something.

Waiting for us, there are thousands of puzzles to solve and ‘’meaningless’’ tasks (compared to the quarter financial…

Miguel Lobato

I’m a product designer that writes with doodles about creative process, entrepreneurships and self-development.

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